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CONFIRMATION: I give permission for my photograph to be used in any promotional advertising material for BEACH BUMS.

1. By reading and signing this document, I acknowledge and accept that Quad bike riding is inherently a risky activity and by venturing out OFF-ROAD, I am increasing and exposing myself to this risk. By doing so, I accept the possibility of injury and/or loss and damage to my personal property, possessions or self and acknowledge and accept all risks and damages associated therewith.

2. I undertake all activities in favour of BEACH BUMS. its Directors, Employees, Sponsors, Volunteers, Assistants, Representatives and Agents, known here in as "Indemnified Persons" in relation to my use of any of the facilities offered by BEACH BUMS

3. I AGREE and CONFIRM that by completing and signing this form that:

3,1 I am NOT entitled to a refund of any monies if for any reason, I or any person(s) accompanying me, choose not to ride;

3.2 I am in good health and physically fit and capable to ride a 450cc Quad Bike

3.3 I am free of any influence of alcohol or drugs (social or prescribed)

3.4 I have notified BEACH BUMS of any medical conditions and/or prescribed medications that limit my ability to ride a quad bike or respond to instructions effectively.

4. I WILL comply with all instructions given by BEACH BUMS representatives and Touring Guides and acknowledge that I:

4.1 Am exposing myself to risks that I am not normally exposed to;

4.2 WILL NOT race nor ride at speeds considered dangerous to myself or others (including shortcuts);

4.3 NOT deter from the lead tour guiding riding line and trail given to me and demonstrated by the Lead Guide which I must follow;

4.4 COULD be excluded from the active participation in the tour for safety reasons, both in the case of gross negligence and insecurity, and thus a traffic-threatening driving style, without claiming reimbursement.

4.5 WILL be sensitive to the environment and BEACH BUMS equipment;

4.6 ACCEPT liability for all financial costs relating to ANY damage or injury of ADVENTURE BIKES equipment, tour guides, bystanders and/or other participants due to actions where I am involved.

5. Behaviour and liability in case of accidental damage

There is no compulsory insurance for your quad bike - just third party. For damages to the quad due to culpable accidents or improper usage, I am liable in any case personally and in full amount* of the damage. In the case of an accident damage, a payment for the adjustment of the repair costs is due on the day of the tour. I made an additional payment of :-

a) 25€, which gives me fully comprehensive cover with a deductible of 500€ (confirmed by receipt)

b) 40€, which gives me fully comprehensive cover WITHOUT an excess.

6. I release Indemnified persons' from 'ANY' claim or liability arising as a result or connected in any way with my use of BEACH BUMS facilities or participation in touring or quad biking, including without limitation the following types of loss, damage or injury suffered by me howsoever arising.

6.1 Any personal injury or loss of life

6.2 Any medical expenses

6.3 Loss of income, pain suffering, or consequential loss

6.4 Any loss or damage to my possessions or property

6.5 I acknowledge and agree that undertakings in this indemnity are irreversibly made in favour of all 'indemnified persons' and is capable of acceptance and receipt by them at any time, binding my executor, heirs, and administrators, assigning any successors.

7. Additions, variations, oral undertakings, consequential cancellations, extensions of time, waivers, relaxation or suspensions of any of the provisions or terms in this indemnity shall `NOT' be of any force or effect unless in writing and signed by myself 'AND' the legal 'indemnified persons' representative,


IMPORTANT NOTE: Parent or Guardian must sign on behalf of persons under the Age of 18 years: I in my capacity of parent/guardian/custodian do hereby consent to the participation of my child I foster / child / adopted child




in any form of activity with BEACH BUMS and the utilisation of their facilities. I agree that this form of consent be read as part and parcel of, and together with the above mentioned form of indemnity which have also signed this day and the consent of which are fully understood by me and my son/daughter. I hereby acknowledge that I am fully conversant with, and hereby assume the risks, dangers and perils of touring and quad biking.

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