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Enjoy this magnificent tour of South Crete where you will have the chance to enjoy the natural beauties of this island.

Our tour begins through the impressive mountain range of Lefka Ori. We continue our way going through the magnificent plateau of Askifou and driving parallel to the beautiful Imbros Gorge. We finally reach Frangokastello, to see the beautiful und mysterious old castle. Crossing the most beautiful coastline of South Crete we reach the wonderful village of Plakias by the sea where you can enjoy a swim or have lunch in one of the local taverns. Afterwards we will visit the well known monastery of Preveli with a magnificent view over the Libyan Sea. On our way back you will have the chance to admire the breathtaking Kourtaliotiko gorge.

By the end of this tour you will have probably taken the best photos of Cretan beauty.


On this excursion you have the opportunity to visit the excavation sites of the Palace of Knossos, built in 2000 BC.

Knossos was the prosperous Minoan Capital and the residence of King Minos. Some believe, that the intricate Palace with its many rooms was the mythical Labyrinth. By discovering the site not too long ago, archeologists found the first of all advanced civilizations in Europe.

The tour is followed by a visit to the Museum of Heraklion, where you can see the largest collection of Minoan findings from Crete. You can also spend some time in the city of Heraklion, before we heading back home.


In the morning, after a short stop at the pretty lake of Kournas you discover the absolute star among the cities of Crete, Chania, with its small winding back streets and beautifully restored Venetian and Turkish buildings. Wander around the long stretched promenade in the famous old port and enjoy panoramic views at every step you take. You have time for shopping or simply walking around. Later we continue to the South through one of the most scenic parts of the island: picture-pretty villages with colorful flowers everywhere, green cypress, chestnut, carob trees and deep gorges. The absolute highlight waits for you in the South – the breathtaking lagoon of Elafonisi with it shallow, clear water, fine white sand shine in pink and purple. You can swim, tan and relax, however do not forget to walk along the sand dunes.


Our tour to the South of Crete combines the beauty of the nature, history, religion, legends and the most important… the Cretan hospitality.

Passing the Kourtaliotiko gorge we continue to the monastery of Preveli, a religious and cultural centre of the local population. Afterwards we continue by boat to Preveli palm beach, the impressive Cretan Amazon. There you can explore the impressive palm forest and take a swim in the refreshing river or at the sandy beach. Later you will have the possibility to understand of what we call in Greek “parea”, having a little snack tasting the local hospitality. At the village of Matala, the famous caved beach, you visit the last resort of Hippies. On the next stop, prepare to explore the ancient world of Phaistos, one of the most important archeological sites of the Minoan civilization.

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